Inside the ArchHow Phil Shappard has hindered Moody Radio and is wasting listeners donations

How Phil Shappard has hindered Moody Radio and is wasting listeners donations

To Phil Shappard - Honor our agreement and allow me campus privileges and this site will come down.

The History of MBI, RCS, and me

My family has been involved with the Moody Bible Institute for over 40 years. I love Moody Broadcasting and everything that D. L. Moody founded the Moody Bible Institute on. So much so I worked here for 8 years.... The employees here are creative, productive, loving individuals that unfortunately have no leadership now; even worse, the current leadership won’t let them do their job but have decided it is in their best interest to micro-manage.

2 years ago some decisions were made that me and other employees felt were going to hinder the productivity of the Moody Broadcasting Network as well as increase operating expenses..... I then found another department to work in within Moody Broadcasting. In August 2007, those in leadership decided to bring the man responsible for my departure a year ago to be in charge of me again..... and again bring his inefficient, expensive equipment with him ....which has nothing to do with my position of creating streaming Internet Radio stations.

I brought forth the issues and followed the “chain of command” with the support of fellow employees. I was then told to be quiet. Me being one that believes in Truth as well as the responsible stewardship of those who give to support Moody, brought forth the issues to the C.E.O. of the Moody Bible Institute. That is when my superiors fired me....

The History of how this happened is here in chronological order. It all started with needing to upgrade the automation system.
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Moody Broadcasting and my experiences...